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            Sinopec’s E-commerce Platform Closes Deals Totaling Nearly USD 40 Billion

            BEIJING, China, November 5, 2020  --, a professional SC2B e-commerce platform for industrial products launched by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (HKG: 0386, "Sinopec”) in 2017, has listed a total of 1,565 online vendors and more than 14,000 product items since it went online three years ago, achieving an accumulated transaction volume of over USD 39 billion.

            Sinopec’s e-commerce platform closes deals totaling nearly USD 40 billion

   is an e-commerce platform facilitating SC2B (supply chain to businesses) transactions of industrial products, serving Sinopec as well as providing procurement, sales, financial and general services for global enterprises.

            The international business platform maintains close cooperation with many international organizations, chambers of commerce of various nations as well as government bodies and institutions. is committed to the sharing of developmental achievements, rich resources and high-quality services to promote global trade financing.

            The business scope of now encompasses 104 countries and regions worldwide, including more than 70 suppliers from BRICS Nations, besides China, that have listed over 200 products and gained USD 3.1 billion in trade volume.

            To better facilitate trades among BRICS Nations, has launched a BRICS Pavilion to promote the products produced by the BRICS Nations. In June 2017, the BRICS Business Council officially approved as an e-commerce platform to provide services to the BRICS Nations. On September 1, 2017, was listed as one of the eight core achievements by the BRICS Business Council.

            As the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) is set to open this week in Shanghai, has introduced an online translation feature supporting 11 major languages, as well as the addition of overseas resource section on the Chinese language site to display resources of the international business platform, enabling international suppliers to communicate with Chinese buyers in multiple languages directly. Such new features provide convenience for international import trades.

            Since the 2nd CIIE in 2019, has imported 165 varieties of products such as raw materials, equipment and chemical products from 20 countries and regions including the U.S., Germany and Singapore, with a total value of USD 6.2 billion.